Ivan Aguiar

Soccket Ball

This is a packaging project for the Kickstarter based company Candy Lab Toys. Their toys combine modern design with glamorous mid-century muscle car aesthetics. Also, as wooden toys, these cars recall a simpler time before plastic toys came into the scene. I felt like these were all noble reasons, so I wanted the packaging to evoke all of this from the get go. The diagonal lines that run all over the package are meant to evoke speed and motion. The use of illustration instead of showing the actual car through clear plastic is a play on how toys were made to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children instead of zoning them out as many do today. The kraft backdrop highlights the accent color to create an elegant contrast. Finally, the design of the cardboard box makes an emphasis on the ideal of children using their imagination to create their own stories.


soccket ball

Art Direction   //   Installation


The concept

Created by Uncharted Play, the Soccket ball is a soccer ball with a small generator inside that creates electricity as a by-product of rolling & kicking it. The electricity produced can be harnessed through a small socket found on the ball, and it can power small 4-6 watt objects. The Soccket is aimed at helping low-income and impoverished communities around the world get access to electricity and improve their lives through a renewable source and a fun game. 

For this ad campaign, Thomas and I wanted the target audience to experience the message and the fun inherent in the product in a quick manner. We decided on an installation composed of a backlit poster and a Soccket attached to the ground through a metal spring. Anytime the ball is kicked the poster lights up, revealing the benefit the ball provides as well as the impact the audience can have on someone's life if they support this cause.


  • Student Project – ADES 2530 • Art Direction
  • Professor - Jeff Joiner
  • Collaboration with Thomas Hatfield
  • Project created for educational purposes only 
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